Trade in and distribution of petroleum products and lubricants


As distributors of the most developed petroleum companies we have the opportunity to offer products of high quality standard.

Diesel fuel is yellowish liquid produced from the processing of crude oil. It is used as a fuel for diesel engines. In winter we offer diesel fuel which can be used at temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Centigrade (-30 °C).

  • Diesel fuel with min. 6% FAME – it is called this way because it contains 6% bio component. It is used primarily for motor vehicles with diesel engines and its code under the Combined Nomenclature (CN) is 27102011.

  • Diesel fuel with 0% FAME – it does not contain any bio component. It is intended for non-road motor vehicles and tractors. It is forbidden to be used for transport purposes. Its code under the Combined Nomenclature (CN) is 27101943.

Petrol is colourless to bright yellowish clear liquid with characteristic smell and it vaporises easily.

  • Petrol A-95H – Petrol A-95H protects the engine and reduces the fuel consumption.

  • Petrol A-98H – it is a fuel with high octane number, i. e. with high efficiency. It provides high level of combustion. It reduces the wear of the engine and improves its performance.

Propane-butane (LPG) is produced from the processing of crude oil. It is a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons, the gases propane C3H8 and butane C4H10. In some countries propane-butane has been used since 1940s as an alternative to petrol in the internal combustion engines. Its advantage is that it is non-toxic; it does not cause corrosion, does not require tetraethyl lead or other additives and has got a high octane number (102-108 depending on the local specifications). It burns up more cleanly in comparison to petrol or diesel and does not generate soot as the latter. 

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